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A continuous source of electrical power is critical to keep a facility operational.  Our generator rental fleet has the right sized generator that can meet your requirements for emergency, temporary or back up power.

Our experienced staff can assist you with any questions you have regarding the type of generator rental you need. Our generators, heating and cooling rental equipment, is ready to roll from any of our four branch locations. For over twenty-five years, we have been providing reliable service to a variety of industries.  Generator rental solutions available 24/7 from any of our 3 branch locations, serving tri-state NY, NJ and CT areas.

Visit our Generator Gallery and see our generator equipment in use.


Our generator rentals solve many emergency and planned power requirements, as well as provide power for special events and the film and entertainment industry. Our 125 kW rental generators provide effective cooling and power for small to medium sized affairs. Recently, a Cosmetic Trade Show utilized three 125 kW generators to power their successful industry event. Dehumidification work after a fire was accomplished utilizing twin 200 kW power generator rentals to offer support. These generators for rent were deployed with 1,000 gallon fuel tanks, which provided a longer run time without refueling. When industrial stand-by power was needed at 60 Hudson Street in NYC, our 500 kW industrial generator rental units were in place and standing by ready to provide temporary power if and when required. When a New Jersey facility required immediate power, our 2,000 kW genset rental and a 4,160 volt transformer sending power at 13,200 volts accomplished the job. The Film and Entertainment industry utilized our 100 kW and 125 kW ultra-silent rental power generators for power to lighting and cameras for a live satellite feed in Times Square NYC. These quite generators were the perfect solution for them. During the Northeast snowstorms, our TowerPower generator rental units kept the power on for many facilities, industrial businesses, and commercial businesses as well.


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