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New York Area Heater Rentals

Temporary heat is available in many different forms, electric heat, indirect oil fired heat, radiant heat, gas direct heat or indirect heat, and forced hot air heat being examples. We have the experience, and computer software to help you select the right heat for your project. If you are an experienced user of temporary heat, all of our specification sheets can be found by clicking on the link under the heater, you can choose and design your own system from our pages.

Visit our Heater Gallery and see our heater equipment in use.

Our heater rentals are available for temporary, emergency and event heat. During construction at SUNY Stony Brook we provided 18 kW temporary electric heaters running at 208 volts and a 500 kW generator set providing power to create a warm, fume free work environment. For temporary heat at production facilities, warehouses, and other locations that require clean electric heat our 512,000 BTU portable heater rental unit is smaller and lighter than most rental heaters. These heaters are high temp and are easier to move around job sites, they fit in a standard elevator, or fit through a standard door and are used when space is an issue. Our 20 ton air handlers provided 1.2 million BTU’s of clean heat to a warehouse. We offer the most economical industrial heaters for hire in the US to satisfy large heat requirements with 20 ton and 100 ton hot water and steam coil air handlers. During LEED construction work, our 1.0 million BTU indirect oil fired heaters provided clean, fume free heat while ongoing construction work was in progress at the site. Our 1.0 million BTU heaters are more than 90% efficient providing the heat that is needed. A NYC tent event relied on our indirect oil fired temporary heater rental with a 280 gallon fuel tank to provide heat for their holiday event. Buildings under renovation often utilize our natural gas direct fired 1.0 million BTU industrial heaters during construction to keep workers and facilities heated. 140,000 BTU diesel radiant heaters offer quiet, fume free heat with zero heat transfer loss when utilized outdoors because of weather conditions like rain or high winds and have a long run time. Electric radiant heating rentals are perfect for NYC, where propane is not allowed at events. They are safe and cause no fumes, keeping guests comfortable, warm and safe.


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