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Power Cable Rentals

Temporary power requires heavy duty industrial cable. Generator sets, grounding, power extensions, mining, and oil drilling are just a few applications for Type W power cable.

On Site Energy rents three sizes of Type W power cable, rent power cableall in 50 foot lengths, with cam lock ends, with or without our generator sets or HVAC equipment.

(per 50')
#2 21 lbs. 192
2/0 35 lbs. 300
4/0 54 lbs. 400
*Ampacity - free air measure; based on continuous duty at 90 deg. C conductor temperature

tails power cable

On Site Energy rents male and female tails made from the same heavy duty Type W cable. 50’ sections of cable “cam lock” together, male to female, to cover any distance required. To complete the job, male and female cam lock tails are added on the ends of our cables, to return to “bare end” cable which can be used in lugs, circuit breakers, or any approved termination points.

Power Cable Rentals Container

Handling and shipping of power cable is accomplished using heavy duty collapsible containers, which offer easy access, protection during shipping and can be collapsed while not in use at the job site. The container weighs 165 lbs. and is 48" x 45" x 34" high.

Power cable can be shipped within hours of your call, from our locations in New York or New Jersey. Cable can be shipped via common carrier, exclusive use truck, or picked up by the customer.


Call or email your inquiries and orders to:

Contact: Patrick French, General Manager
Office Phone: 1-800-736-8251
Email: Patrick@OnSite-Energy.com

ADA Cable Ramp Rentals (American with Disabilities Act)
power cable ramp rentals

On Site Energy rents 5-channel ADA compliant cable ramps (Americans with Disabilities Act) that allow for safe crossing for vehicle and pedestrian traffic while protecting valuable electrical cables.

rent power cable
rent power cable
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power cable rentals


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